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Updating a SMAPI mod

In rare cases, SMAPI needs to change the interfaces it exposes to mods. (This doesn't happen often, because SMAPI strives to expose abstract interfaces that aren't tightly coupled to changes in the game.) When an interface does need to change, the old interface is deprecated and supported long enough to let mods update at their own pace.

How to update your mod

You don’t need to comb through your code; SMAPI can tell you if you’re using a deprecated interface:

  1. Use the latest SMAPI for developers download. This will show all deprecation messages in the console:

    console message for a deprecated interface

  2. When you look at the code, you’ll see a deprecation warning with a hint of how to fix it:

    intellisense for an obsolete property

  3. Optionally, you can refer to the following sections on how to replace specific interfaces.

How deprecated interfaces are phased out

Deprecated interfaces are fully supported until their removal. They’ll slowly move through these phases:

severity description
notice The interface is deprecated, but mod authors have time to update their mods. Nothing is reported to the console, though deprecation messages are shown in the log file.
info Mods should no longer use the interface. Debug-level deprecation messages are shown in the console.
pending removal Mods should no longer use the interface. Warning-level deprecation messages in the console indicate the mod will break soon if it doesn’t update.

The interface will then be removed entirely.

Deprecated interfaces


These are currently deprecated:

since interfaces severity replacement
1.0 Config class info see mod configuration.
1.0 Mod.BaseConfigPath info see mod configuration.
1.0 Mod.PathOnDisk info see mod configuration or use this.Helper.DirectoryPath.
1.0 Mod.PerSaveConfigFolder info use per-save JSON files instead.
1.0 Mod.PerSaveConfigPath info use per-save JSON files instead.
1.0 Mod.Entry(object[]) info see mod entry method.
1.1 Log class info use the this.Monitor.Log mod method.
1.6 PlayerEvents.FarmerChanged info serves no purpose.
1.6 PlayerEvents.LoadedGame info use SaveEvents.AfterLoad.
1.6 TimeEvents.OnNewDay info unreliable and doesn’t do what you think; use TimeEvents.DayOfMonthChanged to detect a day change, and SaveEvents.BeforeSave + SaveEvents.AfterSave to detect saves.
1.9 Command class info use this.Helper.ConsoleCommands.
1.10 GameEvents.Initialize info move any code into your Entry method.
1.10 GameEvents.LoadContent info move any code into your Entry method.

These have been removed:

deprecated removed interfaces replacement
0.39.3 1.9¹ SObject class reimplement if needed.
0.39.3 1.9¹ Extensions.ToSingular(…) use string.Join.
1.0 1.9¹ Authour in manifest.json use Author.
1.0 1.9¹ Extensions class reimplement if needed, or use an extensions library.
1.0 1.9¹ LogWriter class use this.Monitor.Log.
1.0 1.9¹ SPlayer class use Game1.player.
1.1 1.9¹ Command.CallCommand(string) use this.Helper.ConsoleCommands.
1.1 1.9¹ Mod.Entry(ModHelper) change ModHelper to IModHelper.
1.5 1.9¹ Version class use SemanticVersion.
1.5 1.9¹ Mod.Manifest use Mod.ModManifest (changes type from Manifest to IManifest).
1.5 1.9¹ Constants.Version use Constants.ApiVersion (changes type from Version to ISemanticVersion).
experimental API
1.9¹ IConfigFile and ConfigFile reimplement if needed.

¹ Stardew Valley 1.2 broke many existing mods, so SMAPI 1.9 used the opportunity to remove the most rarely-used deprecated APIs.

Migration guides

This section provides more information for some migrations mentioned in the previous section.

Mod entry method

For the latest documentation, see creating a SMAPI mod: writing your mod code.

Change your mod’s entry class from this:

/// <summary>Initialise the mod.</summary>
public override void Entry(params object[] objects)
    // your code

to this:

/// <summary>Initialise the mod.</summary>
/// <param name="helper">Provides methods for interacting with the mod directory, such as read/writing a config file or custom JSON files.</param>
public override void Entry(IModHelper helper)
    // your code

Mod configuration

For the latest documentation, see creating a SMAPI mod: configuration.

If you use config.json, it’s much easier in 1.0.

  1. Find your subclass of StardewModdingAPI.Config, which probably looks something like this:

    class SampleConfig : StardewModdingAPI.Config
       public bool ExampleBoolean { get; set; }
       public float ExampleFloat { get; set; }
       public override T GenerateDefaultConfig<T>()
          this.ExampleBoolean = true;
          this.ExampleFloat = 0.5;
          return this as T;
  2. Edit this class as follows:
    • Move default values into the constructor or property setters.
    • Remove StardewModdingAPI.Config.
    • Remove all override methods.
  3. Your class should now look something like this:

    class SampleConfig
       public bool ExampleBoolean { get; set; } = true;
       public float ExampleFloat { get; set; } = 0.5;

    or like this if you used a constructor:

    class SampleConfig
       public bool ExampleBoolean { get; set; }
       public float ExampleFloat { get; set; }
       public SampleConfig()
          this.ExampleBoolean = true;
          this.ExampleFloat = 0.5;
  4. In your Mod class, change anything that looks like this:

    var config = new SampleConfig().InitializeConfig(this.BaseConfigPath);

    to this:

    var config = helper.ReadConfig<SampleConfig>();
  5. If you use other methods, here’s how to migrate them:

    before 1.0 after 1.0
    new SampleConfig().GenerateDefaultConfig()
    new SampleConfig().Instance()
    new SampleConfig()
    new SampleConfig().InitializeConfig(this.BaseConfigPath)
    config.WriteConfig() helper.WriteConfig(config)

For more information, see creating a SMAPI mod: configuration. For help with more advanced configuration (including custom JSON files and per-save configuration), see advanced SMAPI mod configuration.