The mod loader for Stardew Valley. It works fine with GOG and Steam achievements, it's compatible with Linux/Mac/Windows, you can uninstall it anytime, and there's a friendly community if you need help. It's a cool pufferchick.

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SMAPI 2.7?

SMAPI 2.7 mainly makes the console output a bit more intuitive, revamps the installer, and adds a color scheme selector on Linux/Mac. For modders, it mainly adds support for reading .json files through the content API, changes JSON serialisation for all enums, adds a --mods-path CLI argument, and fixes a number of issues.

Requires Stardew Valley 1.3.28 or later on Linux/Mac/Windows.

See the release notes and mod compatibility list for more info.

SMAPI 2.8-beta.5?

SMAPI 2.8 beta adds support for Stardew Valley 1.3.29 beta, and makes some quality-of-life changes for players:

  • added support for organising your mods into subfolders;
  • moved most SMAPI files into a smapi-internal subfolder, so your game folder is less messy;
  • moved save backups into a save-backups folder so they're easier to find;
  • enabled update checks even for mods that have no update keys in many cases;
  • improved various error messages to be more clear and intuitive;
  • now auto-recovers crashes caused by broken modded dialogue;
  • improved compatibility for some Linux players.

For modders, this mainly...

  • adds a data API;
  • adds support for writing to JSON files in content packs;
  • adds support for semitransparent overlays when patching images;
  • adds more events for the upcoming SMAPI 3.0;
  • improves support for the -unofficial version convention (e.g. 1.0-unofficial < 1.0-beta);
  • enables IntelliSense documentation when using the non-developers version of SMAPI.

Requires Stardew Valley 1.3.31 beta or later on Linux/Mac/Windows. Note that many mods broke in Stardew Valley 1.3.31 and have not been updated yet.

Beta release notes:

  • beta.3:
    • For players:
      • Added support for more game install paths.
      • Fixed security exceptions in the Windows installer.
    • For modders:
      • Added support for deleting data saved through the data API.
      • Added optional 'paranoid warnings' mode for mods using potentially sensitive .NET APIs.
  • beta.4:
    • For players:
      • Added support for parallel unofficial updates when there's a Stardew Valley or SMAPI beta.
      • Fixed transparency issues on Linux/Mac for some mod images.
      • Fixed 'no update keys' warning not shown for mods with only invalid update keys.
      • Fixed installer not removing a file added in SMAPI 2.8.
      • Updated compatibility list.
    • For modders:
      • Mods are no longer prevented from loading a PNG while the game is drawing.
  • beta.5:
    • For players:
      • Improved various error messages to be more clear and intuitive.
      • SMAPI now prevents a crash caused by mods adding dialogue the game can't parse.
      • Fixed error when mods add an unnamed location.
      • Fixed Linux compatibility issues for some players. SMAPI will now always use xterm if it's available.
      • Fixed translation issues not shown as warnings.
      • Fixed dependencies not correctly enforced if the dependency is installed but failed to load.
      • Updated compatibility list.
    • For modders:
      • Added support for overlaying image assets with semi-transparency using the content API.
      • Added more events for the upcoming SMAPI 3.0.
      • Added SkillType enum constant.
      • When comparing mod versions, SMAPI now considers -unofficial to be lower-precedence than any other value (e.g. 1.0-beta is now considered newer than 1.0-unofficial regardless of normal sorting).
      • Fixed trace logs not showing path for invalid mods.
      • Fixed mod web API returning a concatenated name for mods with alternate names.

See the release notes and mod compatibility list for more info.

SMAPI is an open-source project by Pathoschild. It will always be free, but donations are much appreciated to help pay for development, server hosting, domain fees, coffee, etc.

Special thanks to AbroadKew, acerbicon, ChefRude, cheesysteak, hawkfalcon, jwdred, Pucklynn, Robby LaFarge, and a few anonymous users for their ongoing support; you're awesome! 🏅

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